Afro-jazz singer Achieng Abura passed on Thursday, October 20 at KNH. A section of Kenyans has lashed out at her after it emerged she had financial difficulties.

0fgjhs146v8n99e0pg-c6cfd97eAfro-jazz maestro Achieng Abura breathed her last on Thursday, October 20, at the Kenyatta National Hospital where she had been admitted.

The veteran songstress had early on revealed through her Facebook account that she was in deep pain and was under her doctor’s watch.

The mother of one also, in a past interview with writer Biko Zulu, revealed that she was struggling with finances to help her 23-year-old son, Prince, get treatment for sickle cell anemia abroad.

She revealed that she had held fundraisers to offset the humongous bills required for the treatment of the disease.0fgjhs38ak2c3so1n-ab32c1fd

Achieng Abura was a great singer

Achieng said only those poor, close friends came in but most of those she knew and invited turned their backs on her.She is gone to the grave a bitter mum.

But even with that, a section of merciless Kenyans is roasting her for what they say is ‘kutojipanga’ (putting her house in order financially).


                                                          Achieng Abura started singing in the 90s.


In a Facebook post, one lady said that Abura was paid millions of shillings when she was a coach in the now defunct Tusker Project Fame academy financed by East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL).

“She was even one of Tusker Project Fame teachers sponsored by EABL. The problem with most of the Kenyan artists is kutojipanga. They live large today and forget about tomorrow. They don’t even take things like insurance covers for their children and themselves. When sickness knocks their doors then they want to depend on friends. I mean let’s be serious with life,” the lady said.

Achieng Abura possessed a killer smile.

She was seconded by another lady who said Abura spend most of her money losing wait, travelling to South Africa and back.

“Before the disease hit Achieng she embarked on losing wait programme by taking so called herbs. Where she lost 50kg. That is not normal. And don’t forget that it was a very expensive exercise to lose that weight. She went to South Africa for it. That’s in terms of millions,” she said.

However, their sentiments attracted massive criticism from Kenyans who said they are yet to face a problem to understand how difficult things can be.


Kenyans criticise late Achieng Abura for ‘not putting her house in order’

Achieng started singing in the 1990s and her music morphed into different genres. She had a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Watch Achieng Abura narrate how she lost many of her siblings: