Kenyan singer seen in viral nude photos has spoken for the first time since his controversial photos went viral on social media. He defended his art saying that Kenyans ought to support his art since he was a professional nudist.

Kenyan man seen in viral, offensive  photos that were shared on social media has spoken up  for the first time.


Kenyan singer Delayocheddas leaked his controversial photos on social media

In  a Youtube channel  that he created to address the controversial attention-seeking gimmick,Delayohcheddas said that he is a professional nudist and had not taken the photos to annoy his fans and has been construed before.


He asked Kenyans to support his art other than hating on him because taking nude photos was his way of putting food on the table.

0fgjhs2636s3e4qjn.f3309d2b dug further and uncovered that he is in fact, a bottom-of-the-pile singer who was yet to break even in the music industry.

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