Agriculture Principal Secretary Dr. Richard Lesiyampe has said that Kenyan men cannot produce healthy babies because they eat poorly.

“How do we make babies when we are struggling and hungry? We have to break the barriers that make Africans not to cooperate and work together,” Lesiyampe told a workshop in Nairobi recently.

“We grow good food that we don’t consume, but we eat poor quality food that we don’t even produce. Less than five per cent of Kenyans consume our great tea and coffee. We export 95 per cent of it. It is traumatizing,” said Lesiyampe.

Lesiyampe was saddened by how Kenya, with a population of about 40 million, is food insecure, yet China with 1.3 billion people is able to feed its population.

“We have some of the most hard working people on earth but many sleep hungry. China took 40 years to transform the country. It was a game changer by 17 farmers. Why do we starve? We too can reverse this” he said.