A female Kenyan volleyball player recently went rogue on the internet when she treated her 1,414 Facebook fans to a free twerking and shisha smoking session.

Nelly Tietie, a  former player with the defunct Nairobi Water Volleyball Club, who currently plays in the United Arabs Emirates, went rogue on the interwebs where she displayed her well-endowed behind to her fans during a drinking spree with an unidentified female colleague in what looked like a residential apartment.

The Nairobian could not independently verify the exact location where the event took place. Alcohol consumption is banned in some parts of Dubai like Sharja, though people are allowed to drink in their homes or in an expat hangout called the Sharjah Wanderers.

Tietie took advantage of her stay in the Islamic nation to puff her favourite Shisha as she broadcasted live on her personal Facebook page.

The mother of one was once in a relationship with former AFC Leopards defender Eric Masika with whom they are alleged to have a son. She even went on to share some relationship advice for Musician Otile Brown on his much-publicised relations with socialite Vera Sidika.

Nelly Tietie (Right) [Photo: Courtesy]

She said that, “Tell Kenyan men to leave Otile Brown alone. If [email protected]#@ng plastic is what makes him happy, then be it. Munaongea hapo vibaya na mukipewa hiyo ‘plastic’ hamutaacha,” she added.

At one point, a clearly intoxicated Tietie even dared her bosses with a ‘job strike’ when she said that she will not be reporting to work.