Considering Kenya is still relatively intolerant to homosexuality, to avoid stigma, gays and lesbians always suppress their sexuality and marry heterosexual partners.

But when the nagging itch to express their real sexuality strikes, they cheat on their partners with fellow homosexuals, making it difficult to be caught.

When this happens, some of the betrayed partners always have no clue on how to react or handle the situation. Much as they find the behavior odd, they just can’t quite categorize it as cheating.

This trend is slowly but surely growing not just among boyfriends and girlfriends, but also among married couples, especially in urban places such as Nairobi. But for some strange reasons, more men than women are reported to be cheating on their partners with their homosexual partners.

We have a lot of cases of growing fear among women, who are now not just worried that their men cheat on them with other women, but also with fellow men.

Weeks ago, a strange complaint landed in this magazine’s agony aunt email, asking for advice. The Nairobi-based reader had recently got the shock of his life when, three years into his marriage, he discovered that his wife is actually an active lesbian.

The perplexed reader couldn’t wrap his mind around the weird revelation and wrote in, asking for assistance.

“All the girls night outs, late night parties and other functions that kept her out such as chamameetings turned out to be nothing but excuses to meet her lesbian lover,” the reader complained in parts to the agony aunt.

The man said he always gave his wife permission to meet and hang out with her girlfriends, and cheating on him with another woman as the last thing he would have suspected.

Things seemed okay until at some point when he got suspicious of her activities, especially when she began spending way too much time with one of her female friends.

“It was until recently when I stumbled upon a strange WhatsApp chat about tastes and preferences they had for certain sex toys they co-owned that I became suspicious of the nature of the relationship the two had. It turned out my wife has a girlfriend with whom they seemed to have a blossoming romantic relationship,” moaned the offended reader.

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