Madonna was in Kenya for a few weeks before heading to Mlawi to continue with her mission towards eradication of poverty in Africa. She must have experienced a difficult week on social media. Soon after the fury Kenyans showed over her photo showing the source of drinking water in Kibera, something Kenyans termed as “a huge lie”, she posted a photo saying that she was in Kikuyu valley. Kenyans didn’t know such a place existed. Out of sheer ignorance? Maybe.But the ‘Kikuyu valley’ post which Kenyans also trolled her for, actually exists.

Many thought there was no place in Kenya called Kikuyu Valley which Madonna claimed she visited during her visit to Kenya.

Actually the place exists; just that Madonna translated the name of the place to English making it sound like her own fairytale.

Kikuyu valley is known in Samburu as ‘Soito el Kokoyo’ which is translated as “valley of Kikuyu stones”. A certain William Kithiia Mengo was quick to inform Kenyans Madonna was right about Kikuyu valley.