s back at it again! And this time, he was involved in a drunk driving incident after he left a popular bar situated along Ngong Road.

Onlookers stared in disbelief as the clearly inebriated rapper attempted to salvage the situation which had unfolded at around 10pm on Saturday night. The rapper, who was recently in headlines for all the wrong reasons, can be seen clearly struggling to get his car out of the ditch while bemused onlookers and fans milled around.

On a side note (yes, I am going off on a tangent), Shaffie Weru once wondered why the Kenyan personality even picks up my calls, but in truth, REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. And sometimes you get to a point where you work with only the best of the best. Also, PREZZO IS A REAL CELEBRITY. He’s not one of the pansies who keeps crying on and on about receiving paparazzi attention.

He is Kenya’s Kanye!

kanye west lol

Back to the matter at hand. El Presidente and his car.

When asked what had happened he said:

“The ditch deserved the car more than my girlfriend!”

In the video, the musician had already moved into the passenger’s seat and was waiting for his friend to come bail him out. His friends arrived and handled the situation. Onlookers and fans can be heard confirming that it was indeed Prezzo who had driven the car into the ditch.