One of Kenya’s richest singer, Mercy Sheikah has threatened to put a bullet through any Kenyan women who will post photos with an old man on social media with the tag sponsor 

Her outburst came after billionaire Hugh Hefner was photographed with Kenya’s Vera Sidika who claimed that she was Hefner’s sugar baby 

Sheikah has in times past attacked singer Akothee and accused her of taking the spot that is rightfully hers 

Mercy Sheikah, a filthy rich Kenyan singer is sharing her wealth with Kenyans. In her words, she wants to show her nemesis, Akothee, what real money is. In addition to that, she has threatened to eliminate all  the Kenyan girls who pose on social media with old men, popularly known as ‘sponsors’

In April 2016, the singer attacked Akothee- the self declared Kenya’s richest singer. She accused Akothee of wrongly calling herself Kenya’s boss lady while she was miles away from earning the title.Tycoon-23-420x420

Mercy Sheikha in London. Photo:

Sheika who currently lives in Qatar has had her run with oil barons, affluent Arab billionaires and is known for spending money at Kenyan joints whenever she visits.

In a separate incident, the singer posted a photo of herself  wielding a gun on social media. Accompanying the photo was a caption saying that she had a bullet for all the Kenyan girls who were keeping sponsors and wearing colored weaves.

She also called out Kenyan ladies who were living off the sweat of their men. Among them, the socialites, campus going girls and most importantly, her nemesis Akothee who has flaunted her Swiss fiancee on social media.

Mercy Sheika showing posing with a gun on a photo she posted on social media 0fgjhssetfmuv61f4.dad6262balongside threats to Kenyan women.

Sheikah who currently works with a leading world telecommunication firm in Qatar has followed in the footsteps of Akothee and is dishing out money to dancers who can get the most number of likes while dancing to her latest jam, Yebede.  The amount up for grabs per video is KSh 10,000.

Akothee previously asked girls to send twerk videos to her whatsapp number with the best twerker walking away with KSh 10,000- raised from the previous KSh 3,000 that she was offering.

To counter that, Sheika started her offer at KSh 10,000 and will be personally vetting all the videos sent to her whatsapp via details that she posted on her social media page 

At the beginning of the year 2016, a Kenyan lad broke up with his girlfriend after he was caught touching himself while looking at the photo of the singer. It was a hilarious yet shocking expose that was shared widely on social media.


Image: Mercy Sheikah