Becoming a mother changes a woman in so many ways emotionally and physically. Carrying a baby for 9 good months changes one’s body shape after delivery and many mothers spend months after that trying to get back into shape. In Kenya, we have a few celebs moms who have done a great job at bouncing back a few months after delivery and we had to put a list of 5 celeb moms who still got it.

  1. Amina RabarAmina, DJ John’s wife bounced back into shape immediately after the birth of her son, guess she has some great genes. This stylish mom always stands out in a crowd when it comes to dressing and we love it.
  2. AKothee
    Having five kids and maintaining a perfect hourglass figure isn’t an easy thing to do. Akothee has a body to die for that many women envy. Doesn’t she look amazing?
  3. Betty Kyallo.  Despite having gone through a nasty divorce Betty has managed to keep her life and career in order. This mother of one still has it and rocks her sexy body always.
  4. Janet Mbugua.  Janet Mbugua is effortlessly beautiful. Janet bounced right back after her sons birth sparking a debate among Kilimani moms women who wanted to know the secret behind her body after birth.
  5. Size 8. She might have added a few Kgs but she still looks gorgeous. Apart from the great body, we love her fashion sense and the effort she puts into it.
    Size 8 red dress1