Rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, populary known as Khaligraph Jones, recently posted a video on his Facebook page in which he reminisces how far he has come.

A hip hop beat plays on the background as he narrates his struggles and the big difference between him and his crony Kristoff when he was starting off.

The ‘Yego’ hitmaker revealed that he was still struggling to make ends meet in 2012 and he was still staying with his mother, Kristoff on the hand was balling out of control.

He says that although they were rolling as a clique, someone could easily tell that one was living in heaven while the other was leaving in hell.

Khaligraph revealed that his financial situation was so bad at the time that he felt ashamed to ask Kristoff for his Sh200 fare home.

However, things took a turn 2012 in after he released Biashara Remix with STL. He revealed that he started getting shows and eventually, he became a household name.

Here’s the video:

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