After Kilimani Mums eviscerated Size 8 for being featured on the cover design of a diaper brand, they have now gone in on controversial singer, Akothee.

Kilimani Mums have started a fiery discussion about the firmness of Akothee’s boobs. The discussion hinging on how a mother of five has boobs of a nubile teenager. How are they that perky?

Usually after motherhood, the breasts tend to sag and droop. But not Akothee’s. Zake zimesimama imara kama simba. Kwanza without a bra.

Check out the various photos below.


Here are some of the hilarious comments by Kilimani Mums about Akothee’s boobs.

Kwani how did she manage [the firmness of her boobs?]..Waahh!

Aki wanawake na wivu ….Akothee is hot as fuck and you can’t change that hata muongee mwezi na miaka …she slays always ….

I thought tummy area is usually lighter in complexion compared to face. Just asking ????

They will never miss a fault….I thought amejipodoa uso…..kwani who doesn’t apply makeup despite your complexion. Mlitaka apake pia tumbo!!!women…I give up.

“Hizi sura huitwa fanta na coke, uso ni fanta orange, mwili ni coke.”

Let’s give credit where its due-she has managed to keep her body toned.

Huyu ama ni nani? Haki si kwa ubaya eeiiiish..piliish..mkono na USO na boobs different colours you have lots and lots of money madam boss polish kila mahali.

Why do women hate on fellow women!!!! Some bile in some people though!

Haha endeleeni tu, mtajipata tena kwa mpasho news ati kmu hating on akothee.