Kilimani Mums are no ordinary mothers. They are online savages who speak their minds whenever they so please.They have gone ham on so many people, from celebrities to politicians even to mpango wa kandos.

Like that is not enough, they went in on gospel singer Size 8 after she got an endorsement deal with a diaper brand.

Now, they have reignited a conversation around an old not-so-flattering photo of media personality Sheila Mwanyigha.


Sheila always gat her make up on point. Sometimes the camera doesn’t work as set, eish!

I’m heartbroken. Sheila you just broke me.. that’s not makeup. It’s not even balanced where it’s applied.

This is the reason mirrors were made. She can afford one the fact that she didn’t use it is bad manners,very bad manners. Anyways that aside if I were her, I would dump those so called friends of mine.

She’s so white on the face and brown on the chest smh ????????????????

Aligongana na mkebe ya duracoat msijali

Wololo ata i didnt know ni yeye

Unga ya chapo

Aki huyo amempaka make up God anamwona



That is a very old photo.. unless mnataka tuiimbie happy 10th birthday