As  Bebe Cools comes to terms with Dizzy Nut’s gruesome death, the singer and his  followers remain puzzled  on who could have targeted the Self-Proclaimed ‘’Big Size’’ Artiste, an incident that instead crashed the life off Dizzy.

This incident has brought back in play the recent events where producer Dans Kumapeesa was clobbered to death.

The fact that Bebe cool was one of the top artists headlining the efforts to raise money for the producer’s medical treatment and quick recovery may be something that did not go down well with Kumapeesa’s killers.

Although Dans Kumapeesa eventually past on early last month, Bebe cool had contributed over 5 million to his medical bills, not forgetting the 20 million he solicited from President Museveni to help with the burial arrangements.

Insiders now tell us Bebe Cool is in Panic modes thinking his acts of charity towards Dans Kumapeesa could have sparked off anger from the ex-producer’s aggressors and now, they are coming for him as well.