– King Kaka is the latest edition to the University lecturers roster in Kenya

– He is now a lecturer at Zetech University

– He will be teaching a number of courses at their Thika road based campus

Meet your latest University lecturer; the self-proclaimed king of hip-hop, Rabbit.

King Kaka to teach courses at Zetech University

King Kaka also known as Kaka Sungura. Photo: the Star

According to Mseto East Africa, King Kaka assumed his position after signing a memorandum of understanding with Zetech University’s Thika Road campus.

He will be teaching entrepreneurship, talent development, mentorship and community development.

Today, Tuesday, June 14, 2016 was his first day in his new employment.

Christened Kevin Ombima, he studied accounting at the Metropolitan University in Britain.

His brand touts him as one who promotes local Kenyan talent.0fgjhsr41bu77k5s8.3640c494

King Kaka also known as Kaka Sungura

He launched his own clothing line dubbed Niki Kwa Jam Nakam after the hitsong as well as runs his own purified water company- Kaka Empire’s Majik Water.

Meanwhile two months ago he confessed of his two daughters sired by different mothers born a month apart.– Rapper Rabbit has revealed that he is a father to two daughters born of different mothers a month apart

– Rabbit has disclosed how being a father has changed him as aperson, saying his mindset has expanded and now he is becoming more responsible

– He also revealed how he had a strained relationship with his late father and how wishes he was around to amend it

Rapper Rabbit also known as King Kaka has spoken about his two daughters born of different mothers just a month apart.

Appearing on NTV’s the Trend show on Friday, March 25, Rabbit revealed the impact the birth of the two daughters has hard in his life for the last two years.

Rabbit admits that he has since changed to a better person and his mindset has completely changed as he has to fend for them and make sure they lead a better life.

“Kids are a blessing. Wamenifungua macho (they have opened my eyes). So much has happened in my life for the last two years,” Rabbit said.

He says being a father has thought him the need to be caring and hardworking. Rabbit admits that before the little girls were born, he was a careless singer but now things are different.

“Am not the guy I was. Two years ago me nilikuwa tu yule msee, niko tu hapo yaani (two years ago I was just there). But now when I wake up in the morning najua my kids lazima wakule (they have to eat). I’m really working hard and my mindset is not the same as it was that time,” the Ligi Soo singer said.

One of the mothers to his daughters is singer Sage. The two dated and had a kid together but they later separated.

It was rumored that Rabbit was seeing another lady at the time and that is how his second daughter was born.

The singer also revealed that he had a strained relationship with his late father. He says that as he grew up, he could see how his father argued with his mother and this really affected his relationship with him.

Rabbit has released a new video, Papa, in collaboration with Elena where he talks of his father and how we wishes he was around so he can make peace with him.

In the video, he also shows his two daughters and admits he is a proud father