The relationship between sons and their mothers is not just scientifically true but priceless. Such, is that of Kenyan hip hop star King Kaka and his mother.

While delivering an motivational speech to young people a few months ago in Eldoret, King Kaka narrated how he bought his first car, drove home and picked his mother for shopping.

King Kaka

He said there was no greater feeling than when you are able to tell your mother that she can pick anything she wants during shopping.

The rapper whose real name is Kevin Ombima recently took to social media where he recollected his mother breaking down when he asked her to quit selling fruits in Industrial area.

King Kaka’s mother. He calls her Queen Liz

“Unajua my mom alikuwa anauza fruits Industrial area and most times nikiulizwa what my mother does nilikuwa nadanganya. And most times akishikwa na kanjo that day anakuja home tunajua hajauza. And i really wanted to work hard nimtoe kwa hiyo maisha . and one evening i told my mother ‘Quit your job, i will take care of you’ and she just started Crying , i asked her why she is crying. She said its tears of joy.

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