kitale woman

Residents of Kitale Town were on Monday shocked after a middle-aged woman claimed she has been sent by Satan to kill seven men per week using her under garments.

The woman, whose identity could not be revealed, claimed that she had joined a certain church within the town where the pastor commissioned her for the mission, adding that so far she had made several men possessed by the evil spirit that kill them slowly.

The woman who lives in Tuwani estate in the outskirts of Kitale Town reportedly started slithering in the ground and making hissing sounds, an act that sent onlookers scampering to safety alleging that she was in the process of turning into a snake.

It took the intervention of local clergy who performed exorcism prayers for the woman to calm the situation.

The woman then narrated her experience, claiming that she was an agent of the devil based in Kitale.

Locals who spoke to Citizen Digital expressed their shock at the incident and added that they would now be reluctant to join some of the new churches sprouting in the town for fear of being recruited into devil worship.

The incident comes barely two weeks after a school in Kitui County was closed down indefinitely after pupils were allegedly attacked by evil spirits.

Irate parents of Ithimani Primary School pupils marched into the institution and took their
children home following frequent concerns by pupils about being attacked by evil spirits.

The supposed spirits were said to have troubled the students over the recent past hence disrupting learning in the school.

The parents lamented that their children were not safe at the learning institution and demanded the transfer of one female teacher whom they associated with devil worshipping.