KTN investigative journlist, Mohamed Ali alleges that he has info that the police are out to arrest him following a message that he had posted on social media. Ali was working in cahoots with KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo who has previously asked Kenyans to disregard peace in 2017 as they went to the polls.

An update that Dennis Onsarigo posted on Twitter asked Kenyans not to think of peace as the guiding point when they went to the ballot in 2017.

Mohamed Ali, Dennis Onsarigo, Raila and Joho

The tweet looked like it was calling on Kenyans to disregard peace in 2017 if they wanted change. He was supported by his colleague at work, Mohamed Ali.

Ali asked Kenyans to push for a free, fair and credible election in 2017. He later claimed that there were plans to arrest him and Onsarigo over the same.

Much of the criticism of the two journalists came from an earlier photo in which they were seen at a private meeting with CORD leader Raila and his second-in-command, Hassan Joho.

Their criticism of the newly passed electoral laws seemed to stem from the fact that they are ODM supporters.

Ali is said to be eyeing the Nyali parliamentary seat in 2017.