Yaw Dabo Signed By Kofas Media

Yaw Dabo Signed By Kofas Media

For anyone who has watched any of the movies that Kumawood Actor, Yaw Dabo has featured in, would testify that, the young actor is very very funny. I had the chance to watch a movie in which he featured in and that was when I started looking out for movies that he’s in. I think the title of the movie is “Megye Wu Girl”

Well, has just learned that, the comic actor, Yaw Dabo has been signed unto Kofas Media, a production company in Ghana known for producing the famous “Adventures Of Kalybos” which has churned out two big acts, Kalybos & Ahoufe Partri.

In an interview with, CEO of Kofas Media, Kofi Asamoah confirmed the news of the signing of the young actor.

Kofi Asamoah
Kofi Asamoah

Kofi Asamoah further disclosed to that, he finds Dabo a good talent and therefore made the approach and that he’s excited to have him on his team.

Kofi Asamoah manages Kalybos, Ahouefe Patri and now will be managing Yaw Dabo as well and he intends to create a brand around him, that will take him to the next level.

Kofi Asamoah is known for also producing the most successful movie ever, “Amakye & Dede” and “Kalybos In China” as well.

Yaw Dabo was also featured in the movie “Amakye & Dede”

Congratulations To Yaw Dabo and we wish him the best with his new management.

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