Zari and Daimonds drama continues to keep us entertained through the year and as the year comes to an end they are still giving us more.

Zari si still ranting at Diamond for siring Hamisa Mobettos baby and for this reason he is grounded or if you like on probation… Yes its a desert on Zaris end.

I’m asking myself what is that Zari didn’t know about Diamond and Hamisa  secret affair, after she found her earings in her bedroom.

The writing was on the wall and that’s why Diamond doesn’t regret a thing for cheating her. As much as we may feel for Zari, it has been happening right under her nose all the while.

As she is in Uganda to popularize her whiteparty which goes down this week on 21st, she had an interviewed by Sanyu fm and she was wondering why Diamond cheated her without condom, why he cheated on her on her matrimonial bed with low class?

“Why cheat with a low life? Why cheat from my bed? Why not wear a condom? Diamond is still fighting to live up to my standards…” Zari lamented.

I think she is the one person who shopuld to tell us why she can’t tame her unbecoming husband siring babies with all these women. I believe very soon it will come from Europe, America that he sired more children…Wonders shall never end!

She says she is hot as ever and even if she dumps Diamond today she can get someone or a man at the flip of her fingers. And she has a right to cheat on her baby daddy with 100 men if she so wills.