Once i was called by a friend to witness Masanduku being dragged out of a taxi which had had dropped a lady from town centre. And the taxi man was demanding payment but the man was the one to pay, so the lady was shouting as she expalined this.

Only for people to realise that the drunk guy who had blacked out was Masanduku. What crossed my mind is, where was Tina? And how comes this is happening?

But now i get it right, maybe she was somewhere drinking herself silly too, my thoughts. If you get married to a drunkard while you yourself  are a drunk, other then the situation to get worse.

As you can remember, Tina claimed in an interview with SDE that one of the biggest reasons for the breakdown of their marriage was the fact that JB was an unrepentant drunk. She said:

“He was out drinking the whole time and only saw his son after two days.”

Tina Kaggia. photo credit: mchoraji

When she spoke about her time away, she said that was a period in her life when she was dealing with depression and being suicidal. She did not mention that drinking was a problem that she also had. She continued:

“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point.”