The after-break up fight between rappers Kush Tracy and Timmy TDat has been turning uglier by the day, giving us something to talk about every now and then.

Timmy introduced his girlfriend to the public some time last year, but just like any other crazy relationship, it did not last long…actually it was just months then it was over.


The two singers had a nasty break up in June last year at a popular club after they has a misunderstanding when Kush Tracy accused Timmy of getting physical with her and not being remorseful about it.

However, Timmy  responded saying she was cheating on him with an aspiring Kisii politician.

A short while after the breakup, as Timmy stood up and told the world that Kush Tracy is a super woman, a freak and one of the best things that has ever happened to him in bed, Kush Tracy might have just said the opposite.
Timmy had earlier on confessed the one thing he will miss about their relationship is Tracey’s bed room skills. But she’s not about that life and she is not planning to ever rekindle their relationship.

“I really don’t want anything to do with him. We are done. How many times must he hear that I moved on,” she told Pulse.

In an interview with Pulse, she revealed that Timmy’s bedroom skills were whack back in October 2016.

His skills are not the best, let us just say ‘yuko’ down. On bedroom matters, he is not as energetic as the guy you see on stage when performing.”


However, the popular female rapper came out to address the nasty allegations, claiming that those were only rumours.

 “It has come to my attention that there is a story circulating on social media about me bashing out Timmy T Dat,” Kush Tracy released a statement on her instagram vehemently denying the story
“First of all let it be known that I am also as surprised as the rest of you. Nothing written there is true, it’s purely malice and very disrespectful and inconsiderate to put up such, bloggers or whoever came up with this story should understand that we parted ways in a respectable manner and have no grudges more.
“So I am too busy working on my music career and I really have no time to bring down a fellow artist. Thanks for your time and let’s keep supporting Kenyan music aye!!”
Recently, talking to Willy M Tuva, King Timmy was asked whether he misses Kush Tracy and well it was a short and resounding…..Not!
So, Timmy, do you miss Kush Tracy?


It is well remembered that Kush And Timmy were head over heels in love that they even released a hit song Ndulu that topped the charts in the music industry. So, recently when Kush was asked about her missing her ex Timmy, she would ignore the question.

“The working relationship was dope”

She continued;

“Ukiniangalia tu hivyo…nakaa mashidaree hivi?”

Well, her answers proved well that she was still in love with the welle welle guy, even after it was rumored that Timmy is dating fellow artiste Dela.


Kush  recently went ahead to address the rumors once again

” I have never and i will never discuss my bedroom affairs in public, let alone with anyone.” said the lady who went ahead to release the track ‘Playboy’ soon after their relationship hit the rocks.