Vituko Reloaded!

Rapper Kush Tracey has moved to shutdown rumours that she is being kept by a married pastor. News had it that the pastor has been paying for her expensive mansion in one of the leafy suburbs in Nairobi.

Close sources tell us that the Ndulu hitmaker has been bought a flashy ride by the pastor, who is willing to make her his second wife.

However, when we reached the secular singer, she denied the claims.

“Propaganda. I’m single and focusing on my music career. This is pure nonsense,” Kush said.

She angrily went on to tell us that she bought her car way back in January last year, when her relationship with fellow rapper Timmy Tdat was still on-and-off.

“I bought my own car and I do not know the so-called pastor. So many people use my name to create stories I’m not aware of. More so, I’m into the secular world.”

The rapper told us she could never date a pastor, now that she is a secular artiste.

“Mimi na pastor tunapelekana wapi? I’ve heard this storo from December ndio ilianza. I bought my car January last year. Sasa how can an idiot claim to have bought me a car and engage me?” she asked.


Kush Tracy is the ex-girlfriend to fellow rapper Timmy Tdat after they broke up citing irreconcilable differences. Kush later came out to say that Timmy is very poor in bed.

After the break up, Kush has only been rumoured to date a popular pastor whom she continues to deny having an affair with:

“This is pure nonsense. I’m not getting married to anyone. Neither am I engaged to anyone. Like I said, I’m single and my relationship is with my music career. Story zingine ni nonsense.”