A boat ferrying 17 musicians capsized on Lake Victoria on Saturday, June 25 killing nine

Yesterday, Monday, June 26, four bodies were found

Luo traditions demand that the bodies of the four lie on the beach until their other five colleagues are found regardless of if it is days or months

Four bodies of musicians who drowned in Lake Victoria on Saturday morning, June 25, have been retrieved.


Survivors of the Lake Victoria boat incident that occured on Saturday, June 25, 2016, look on as search for the colleagues continues. Photo: Standard

The four include two women and two men.

According to Luo tradition, the bodies will lie on the beach until the remaining five bodies have been retrieved.


Sister to one of the deceased who was found after their boat capsized on Lake Victoria on Saturday, June 25, 2016.  PHOTO Standard

“It is only then that after all the bodies have been found will they all be buried on the same day,” said a member of the Luo council of elders who spoke to KTN news.

This will be regardless of if the search and retrieval would take days or months.

The other 8 survivors too will keep vigil at the shore until all the bodies are retrieved.


Onlookers witness the search for the remaining bodies of artistes who died when their boat capsized on Lake Victoria on Saturday, June 25. Photo: Capital FM

The boat was ferrying 17 artistes who formed the Boyieta Wuod Awasi music group from Lihunda beach in Bondo to Ndenda Island where they were scheduled for a show on Saturday evening.

According to Nyangoma Assistant Deputy Commissioner Angeline Were, the cause of the incident continues to remain unknown but investigations were still underway.

The search for the bodies of nine members of Extra Young Task Band who drowned in Lake Victoria after their boat capsized is still ongoing.

According to the head of the search team Peter Aduwa, a search vessel is already in place and which is aimed at hastening search process.

“The government has responded. There is a search vessel that has come from Kisumu,” Aduwa said.

He added that if nothing will be forthcoming by the end of the day, they will have to wait for three days for the bodies to start floating. Eight members of the band were rescued.

The 17 musicians from Extra Young Task band were coming from a night event where they were performing and were on their way to Ndebe Island where they were expected to have another performance Saturday evening.

Nicholas Ochieng, a member of Extra Young Task band says he remained behind with the band leader to sort out other issues before they could join the team at Ndeda Island.