Ify Yvonne Mkparu who goes by the Instagram name @naijagoddess posted a photo of her online crush named Chris Madu(@chrismzone),asking his identity. Well, they got engaged two weeks ago, June 25. The bride-to-be shared photos from the proposal on Instagram and wrote: “Wow, is this real life? He did an awesome job! I got the pear I’ve always wanted!!! I’m engaged to my love @chrismzone 🙂



Chris wrote: “I asked her @naijagoddess to be my wife and And she said “YES” #MyTomatoBaby #MySweetPotato #MyJollofRice #IgboLove #IfyChrisForever #ChiOma2017


Check out her “hunting” message before prince charming came through eventually.



You know what, my online crush will be blowing up my line real soon. Clearly, this hunting game could lead to happily ever after! You feel me?