NTV’s Larry Madowo recently exposed on popular app Snapchat, his personal car a KSh 5 milliom Mercedes Benz. Previously, Kenyans speculated that the journalist who speaks loftily of German-motored vehicles owned a BMW X3. Madowo, a car enthusiast was recently featured by the Daily Mail when he visisted the Top-gear studio in Dunsfold Park near Guildford,Britain

Larry Madowo. A celebrated journalist and a show host has the same love for cars that he has for cat videos. Over the years Kenyans have speculated on the car that Madowo woulsd possibly be driving.

In 2015, it was rumored to be a BMW X5. A rumor that was never confirmed because no one ever recorded seeing the journalist on the road. His love for German machines, however, seemed to suggest that he probably owned  a German-made car.

So what German car was it if not a BMW X3?

On popular app Snapchat, Madowo recently exposed his car. A Mercedes-Benz. It is a  2016 GLE 350d  valued at more than KSh 5 million.

This is the car that NTV's Larry Madowo drives

The 2016 GLE 350d valued at more than KSh 5 million that NTV’s Larry Madowo drives.

The car is  engineered for safety and luxury. It is one of Mercedes-Benz flagship autos for  2016 which is why it goes for the same price as an acre of land in Kiambu.

This is the car that NTV's Larry Madowo drives

The car, photographed in Nairobi’s capital where NTV studios are situated.