Home Boyz radio journalist, Natani was found at the Mama Lucy hospital, dead after going missing for three days. has learnt that he was the victim of a hit and run.

Natani, a journalist at one of Kenya’s most popular urban FM stations was over the weekend found dead after missing for three days.


Natani was working at Homeboyz until his untimely death

Reports from families and friends of the deceased indicated that he was a victim of a hot and run- his body was founds at the Mama Lucy Hospital.

He was first reported as missing by Mwalimu Rachel- his deskmate at HBR.

Natani’s closest collegue, Talia Oyando lamented of his death and shared the last message that she sent him.


Talia Oyando

After discovering that her colleague who had always checked on her was missing, Oyando sent him a message.


The last message that Talia sent her late collegue

It was the last one as hours later, Natani was found at the Mama Lucy Hospital. He was dead.

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