Lawyers are claiming that Justin Bieber had faked an illness to get out of a deposition.

Attorneys say they have video proof that the 22-year-old singer had instead opted for a night of partying according to a Thursday report from TMZ.

Documents obtained by the site showed that there was a scheduled deposition but Bieber’s team informed the lawyers he wouldn’t be able to make it because he was ‘ill’ just hours before the meeting.ess

Uh oh: Justin Bieber allegedly faked illness to get out of a deposition as there were videos posted of him partying on the same day according to lawyers in a TMZ report

Apparently, the attorneys were not pleased after they found videos on YouTube of the singer enjoying an outing at Bootsy Bellows on the same day of the deposition.

The clips seemingly shared by his fans show Bieber chugging beers before heading to the West Hollywood hotspot.

According to TMZ, the lawyers said they had even traveled from Nashville to Los Angeles just to make it easier for the Canadian crooner to meet.

The publication says the attorneys are willing to let him redeem himself but this time on their own turf in Nashville sometime early next month.

Last year it was reported by TMZ that he was being sued by indie rocker Casey Dienel, aka White Hinterland, for allegedly taking her riff from her 2014 single Ring The Bell.

Her song: The 22-year-old singer is being sued by indie rocker Casey Dienel (pictured in 2011), aka White Hinterland, for allegedly using her vocal riff from her 2014 single Ring The Bell for his hit Sorry

The 31-year-old American singer claimed the ‘unique characteristics of the female vocal’ in her song are exactly what can be heard in Sorry.

Listen to that track here….I must say, you can hear some very obvious characteristics in the beginning….

Casey claims that Justin Bieber repeated her riff six times in his Sorry track, according to the news site.