The two lovely ladies, Zari and Hamisa have made it to our table’s conversation on a daily basis because we love drama and we love Diamond!

So we have been waiting for this Hamisa pregnancy story to blow up but we are patiently waiting for the 40th day which seems about due and will be one hell of a party! Zari is really not talking about it openly just a few parables here and there you know like #iamtherealeneka!

So, do you remember a time last year when Zari addressed the issue of cheap earrings she found in her house with Diamond? Then we, the smart CSI’s found out they belong to Hamisa.

She has actually addressed the issue directly to Hamisa. In an alleged leaked conversation from their DMs, their whole story is laid bare. Zari in this conversation calls out Tanzanian girls saying they can’t have a proper life and a relationship.

She makes it clear that Hamisa should be aware that Diamond actually does not like her and that he is just using her and that she is just but trash. I mean he is always denying her despite the fact that she is out here saying her baby’s father is Diamond this should be enough to just forget the man already!

This was a conversation they had a year ago and we are still at it in the love triangle of the famous Diamond Platinumz, Zari The Boss Lady and Hamisa Mobetto.

See pictures of a screenshot of the leaked conversation: