The Kenyan show that was claimed by some quarters that it was promoting lesbianism is now on YouTube. The programme titled ‘THE SPREAD’ is hosted by actresses who at some point were claimed to be lesbians.

The Spread is now on YouTube despite some strong opposition from various quarters labeling it a ‘lesbian’ show. 0fgjhs737o2msepoh-1dbb5652

The Spread hosted by Nini and Kaz

The online TV show hosted by actress Nini Wacera and singer Karen Lucas aka Kaz is centered around the slogan, ‘sex positive conversations’.

Unlike what was touted about the show, the two tackle relationship and sex questions from their audience every episode as in the first – The Perfect Man.


Intimate couple

The Spread is set in a bedroom to match the subject handled.

It is known that Nini Wacera and Kaz have been in heterosexual relationships although their sexual orientation have been doubted from time to time.