After declaring that his wife can make a good First Lady and opposing the ruling party’s plan to scap the presidential age limit, singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine seems to have put his life on the line and now he has declared: “My life is in danger.”

This follows grenade attacks that allegedly took place at his home early in the week causing a heavy blast that “shook and shattered windows.”

And even as he maintained that he would not be intimidated by the attacks that he blamed on the government, a government spokesman denied the government’s involvement in the grenade attacks that also took place at another MP’s house.

“Thankfully no-one is hurt. But what kind of country are we now living in?” Bobi Wine posted on Facebook and added that the explosives were thrown near his son’s bedroom.

According to Bobi Wine, the three explosive devices were man-made. He alleges that the attack follows several death threats.

Bobi Wine is among a section of Ugandan MPs who have been at the forefront of opposing a motion that is currently in parliament seeking to scrap the presidential age limit of 75, something seemed designed to favour the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.