Ever since Congolese singer Koffi Olomide landed in Kenya and caused some serious drama, Kenyans have always paid close attention to musician from that side.

Awilo is set to perform at the Koroga festival in Nairobi on Sunday0fgjhs5b5r70oo302-420f0c79

Another Conglese hit maker is in town: Awilo Longomba .

Awilo arrived two days ago and has been getting press coverage so far with one of our best, Lilian Muli from Citizen TV, also giving him and interview today at Kempski Hotel in Nairobi.0fgjhs75og67p178v-d9ff39dd

The famous singer who ruled the Kenyan airwaves in the late and mid-90s, is in Kenya for the Koroga festival happening this Sunday.


He will also make an appearance at the Roga Roga show with Fred Kubachi Machokaa on Citizen TV .


While many claimed the artist disappeared after releasing his hit album “Coupe Bibamba” in 1998 that made him known throughout Africa, Europe and America, Awilo says it’s because his demand increased.


Lilian Muli with Congolese star Awilo Longomba

He says the album sent him all over the world as he performed from continent to continent.

“My disappearance has to do with promotional issues. After releasing my hit album, I was wanted all over the world. I didn’t disappear, rather, I was busy touring the whole world and entertaining my fans,” he said.