What do you do when you come face to face with a cyber bully? Do you cry, bully them back or just log out silently and walk away like nothing happened?

We will have to ask Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli. She seems like an expert in such matters.

When the names of the most controversial public figures of 2016 in Kenya are being mentioned, Lillian Muli has to appear somewhere on the list.

This year, Lillian did almost nothing to redeem herself from being seen as a person whom ruffles people’s feathers the wrong way.

We can all remember the incident where she was caught on tape hurling insults at a subdued and scared waitress at an uptown entertainment joint in Nairobi. And then details of her divorce case emerged weeks later.

Well, some social media user called Wairimu Karogo, who surely looks like Lillian Muli stole something valuable from her, went savage on the news anchor with all sorts of insults.

Did she just call her a brainless bimbo?

Many would have expected Lillian to come out fuming like a charging bull, with guns blazing and firing from every cylinder, in response to Wairimu. But you know what? She didn’t.

She cooled herself down, composed herself up and wished her ‘drunk’ attacker a happier 2017 and God’s blessings.

“Eeeh madam you don’t like me unfollow…Lakini 2017 hatutaki mambo kama haya…i really do not understand if it is December drinks or if you are just mad at the world in general. Cheers to a happier 2017 haki mungu akubariki tu ✌ oh and by the way mimi ni mkamba i do not recall being anything else…” wrote Lillian.

Who would have thought of such a response from… Lillian?