Lilian Muli has surfaced looking very chummy with a man we all know very well.

Ever since Lilian Muli had an expensive wedding that ended in a rather acrimonious manner that saw them end up in court looking like friends who do not talk no more.
Since then, Lilian Muli has been linked to several different individuals -with some links being ludicrous, others being more credible than others.

Like the time she was linked to Konshens. That rumour was reaching for anything, just not credibility. Anyway, she was recently on her weekend plans and one man in particular caught my eye, a man who was formerly linked to Keroche’s Anerlisa Muigai.

The man, Ben 1 is one of the richest Kenyans around and his social media posts often give off hints of the same albeit subtle hints.
His name is Ben Kangang’i though everyone calls him Ben 1.

Ms. Muli first posted a photo of his with this caption:

Nairobi’s finest my [email protected]

Lilian Muli

And then this photo:

Lilian Muli

Is Lilian Muli now dating Anerlisa Muigai’s ex?