Tv Presenter Lillian Muli posted photos of a man on social media and every Tom, Dick and Harry concluded that she had finally replaced Mr Kanene.

lillian muli

Well, the news spread really fast and conclusions were made. The man in the picture is a city businessman and Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton.

In one of the photos she had captioned as “Bae” so now you see why it was pretty easy to fill in the blank spaces.

Speaking to Word Is, Jared cleared the air stating, “I don’t want to talk about personal life. Lillian Muli and I have been friends for the longest time and I have never denied that. But I think personal life should remain private. Entertainment is not my line of business.”


The two however have been rumoured to be an item from way back in 2015 after they were spotted together at a football match held at Machakos Stadium.

So Janet has finally found the time to address the whole issue. She took to social media to clear the air claiming that the day she will find a man who completes her, she’ll put him as her profile picture.

She stated, “Ain’t it cute that everyone thinks I’m in Love? I’m in Love with two people myself and my cute little son. The day I find a man that Completes me he will be my profile picture.”