Carrying a child inside your womb for nine months can be quite challenging for some women. Some pregnancies are basically uneventful, there are those who go through a harrowing experience during pregnancy. But what matters is the final stage; giving birth. Some get lucky and give birth to their children while others who are unlucky end up losing their precious little angels, either before the due date or while giving birth. Celebrated Kenyan Akothee recently lost her twin pregnancy.

The Give It To Me singer is reported to have lost her twin pregnancy last month. Akothee collapsed at a train station in Geneva, Switzerland and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she underwent a successful surgery but unfortunately none of her unborn babies survived. This turned out to be a nightmare for the sassy singer and mother of five who was really excited and looking forward to see her new twins. After spending a day in hospital, Akothee was discharged from hospital and had a bed rest for a few days in Switzerland, at her husband’s place where she had recently relocated to.

Well, Akothee is back on feet and as usual she has been sharing photos and videos of herself on her social media accounts. Her health is good. She is back to normal; the ever jovial and versatile Akothee we all know.

“Be that kind of a woman, that when your feet hits the ground every morning, the devil goes like, oooh crap she is awake! 💪❤ morning #teampositivity, I wish you a prosperous week full of success & blessings 💯❤”

Akothee posted on her Instagram page accompanied by the photo below