Pulse: Congratulations on your wedding. Just like any other girl getting a dream wedding, you must be over the moon…

Diana: Of course it is a very exciting thing to be in a good place like I am right now and we thank God. I think it is every girl’s dream to have a grand wedding and when the right time comes, we will have one where all our friends will join and celebrate us.

P: But wasn’t this it; I mean more than 80 people attended your wedding ceremony. Do you plan to have another one?

D: First of all, we feel so as we could not invite all our friends as this was largely a family affair. We only had our close associates and a small bridal team that comprised of very close friends.

P: Where was this held?

D: The ceremony was at my parent’s place in Komarock (Nairobi)

P: It was actually inside your parents’ compound as opposed to previous statements that it was held at a small hotel?

D: Now you are hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

P: Why did you guys treat it with all that secrecy now that it was entirely an invite-only private affair?

D: The truth is that we had nothing to hide. The fact, however, remains that this was a family affair and the setting was just that.

P: How big was the bridal team and which of your friends participated?

D: I had a few of my girlfriends, about five of them on my side and Bahati had the same number of guys among them Mr Seed and David Wonder. My best friend Winnie was on my side. Our pastors Patrick Mungai and Pastor Mwangi officiated the ceremony.

P: So it is no longer a rumour… Bahati and Diana are now officially married…