Jose Chameleone has put recent divorce rumours to bed once and for all.

The “Sweet Banana” singer, who recently made headlines after his wife, Daniella Atim, reportedly filed for divorce, proved that all is well again as he stepped out with her for his birthday celebrations.

jose and wife

Daniella had reportedly accused Chameleone of domestic violence, revealing that he often came back home drunk and beat her up for no apparent reason. She could not stand the abusive marriage anymore and had since moved to officially dissolve the marriage in court.

However, following earnest pleas from the singer and a promise to change his behaviour, Daniella finally returned after abandoning their marital home for close to a month.

The couple appears to have indeed resolved their issues and their love is blossoming again. Chameleone and Daniella could not keep their hands off each other as the singer celebrated his 39th birthday at Cayenne Lounge on Sunday.

jose and fam