Mapenzi Gallore! They have been talked about with speculations and rumours about their life going rife. Diamond and wife Zari Hassan seem to be doing just fine and have come out to clear the air about their life.

The two love birds, who are among East Africa’s most popular couple, have hit the headlines although often for all the wrong reasons. In an interview with a Tanzanian based radio station, the two celebrities seemed to be so in love and yes, they are in good terms according to what they said.

When the two were asked if they ever fight? Well, Zari came out to mention that the two get into a terrible fight when she disciplines her daughter who happens to be the first child born to Diamond Princess Tiffah. Even though Zari has had three kids in her previous marriage, she says that she and Diamond try to keep strong despite the headlines about herself hanging out with ex-hubby, Ivan.

Zari would later reveal that the two keep their phones to themselves to avoid any problems. What about the women Diamond is accused of cheating Zari with? Well, Zari just like any other, wife says she asks him about the things she sees in the media, giving him a chance to give his side of the story.

When asked about their first time together, Zari cited that the two met on a flight which was love at first sight for Diamond. She, however, did not see anything impressive about him then. Diamond just didn’t have the Wow factor she wanted.

Weeks later, the two would fall in love with each other and according to Diamond, history was made. I wonder what made Zari Hassan change her mind…? Maybe she realised just what a big deal he was…? Just saying. In the meanwhile, let’s wish the two a bump free marriage!

When asked if he was impressed by Diamond at first sight, this is what Zari said;

Honestly hamna to tell you the truth..Mwanzo mwanzo it wasn’t like Wow..Before hio flight issue tulikua tuna communicate…and then tulikutana kwa ndege, I think that’s when we spoke…He didn’t come to me with that celebrity image yake because I was a celebrity that time and a big one in East Africa.