Karen Knaust Karimi left K24 sometimes in March 2017, some five months after she announced that she was engaged to her boyfriend.

She didn’t leave K24 because she landed another lucrative job, love compelled Karen Knaust to take a leap of faith and quit her job at K24 so that she could be with her sweetheart.

The former K24 anchor explained her decision to quit 24 on Instagram while responding to the trending social media ‘Love Chain challenge’, a charitable initiative by the House of Dior that requires participants to say what they would do for love.

For each #diorlovechain post, the iconic fashion house pledged to donate $1 to the WE Charity (formerly known as Free the Children). Specifically, the donations will benefit the WE Schools program, a charity backed by actress Natalie Portman, which helps educate young girls in Kenya.

“I accept the challenge my Dear friend @silvianjoki 🖤 … ‘What would I do for Love? #dior asks #diorlovechain @dior @diorparfums @wemovement

“Some people quit their jobs in order to raise children, start a family…Some people leave because their Man is willing to take on all financial responsibility… Either way, quitting a job is a Major move. I had to make sure it’s the right decision. I love my husband to be, but I don’t want to end up regretting losing my career. That is what I have done for love 🖤” Karen Knaust wrote.