When popular music duo, the Longombas relocated to the States, many thought their music careers were over.  However, Lovi and Christian Longomba have put their best music foot forward and have released at least two hot hits Queen and What You Like.maxresdefaulty

Lovi who is married to a fellow musician and actress Ida Onyango are blessed with a son together. His father-in-law, a Hollywood actor wants to work on a Kenyan TV series production. Benjamin Onyango together with a team of friends in the Diaspora in collaboration with Tafsiri Entertainment in Nairobi, are in the pre-production phase of producing a TV series called The Wives.

The show will be shot entirely on location in Simerro, Ugenya. The tentative start date will be approximately the first week of January 2017 and depending on the available budget. It will take approximately 1 month to 2 months to shoot all 13 episodes.

According to a release,

This project will not only provide employment to many up-and-coming actors and filmmakers in Kenya but will also be a great way for myself, an actor in Hollywood, California and my diaspora supporters (you) made up of regular folks,  business owners and film enthusiasts to give back to our Kenyan community.

Benjamin reveals The Wives has been written in a witty manner to both entertain and educate it’s audience about the ramifications (good or bad) of this ancient African practice.

It is not clear of the Longomba’s will bag a role in the show. Anyhow, the production crew is appealing for funds to make this show a reality.