We are used to referring to  Octopizzo, King Kaka, Khaligraph Jones and Juliani as the best rappers in town. I must agree they too have their own undisputed lyrical genius, but there are those that prove they can do way better than the above.

It is time to unleash the list of Kenya’s hottest femcees that are shaping the hiphop scene. People, meet the rappers that get Kenyans going ‘kuku’ over their lyrics;

Fena Gitu

She is referred to as Kenya’s Fenamenal woman. The hitmaker to Sema Ngwe a song that got fans to realize how the lass got lines.


She is one of the toughest femcees in the country. Her hit song Cardiac Arrest was one that caught fans by surprise putting into consideration that she had just experienced a horrific road accident.


She was properly introduced to the Kenyan fans in her debut of the mega hit Micasa Sucasa with her rapper boyfriend Khaligraph. Since then, she has been impressing hip hop rappers with her style.


Call her Stella Mwangi and she will still respond. Apart from the fact that fans went on a rant about her ‘lying’ about having a rap battle with a US based rapper Xzibit. It later turned out that they actually had a rap battle. The Biashara hitmaker without a doubt is still one of the baddest Femcees we have.


She is a legend! And she got punch lines, hot ones. Nazizi was ruling (and still is) the rap industry back in the day and opened ways for the now big femcees. An upcoming rapper dubbed Kyki recently dissed this legend and I wonder, is this where looking for publicity has gotten to? Kid, respect your elders.