The famous singer Akothee who is known for her hit songs such as Baby Daddy, Yuko Moyoni and Sweet Love is known for her flamboyant lifestyle with some people saying that she likes attention and wants people to know she has money.


Despite this, Akothee has stood tall on her feet enjoying her hard earned money through her music career and her famous Akothee Safaris Company.

The mother of five works hard to see her children have a bright future ahead of them and makes sure they do not go through whatever she went through in her past life while growing up. She is very protective of her children’s welfare.


Being a well known artiste, she has other capabilities like cooking for herself and even going to the farm, something that most musicians cannot do in their life.

Akothee took to social media to express her feelings and thoughts of how men spend their money seducing women at club not thinking of what kind of environment their parents live in.