Madonna has been in Kenya for the past few days but Kenyans seem not too excited about it. Reason, she lied about the situation in Kibera.

Kenyans have accepted the fact that Kibera is a huge slum and all effort have been made by different sectors to ensure that living conditions in the area have been improved. However, Madonna posted the below photo and it’s caption is what triggered the rage of Kenyans on social media. The comments ranged from sarcastic, anger downright furious and disgust!

They pointed out that while each household does not have tapped water they can and do access clean water from several central tap points buying it in gallons. Well, either Madonna chose intentionally to go for the hyperbole to elicit the requisite emotion for funding or her guide decided to misinform her because there is no way any human would survive using such filthy water for anything.

It was just plain ignorance and uncalled for given her influence and huge following she just helped continue the myth of the whole of Africa being one huge slum with no functioning systems. Here is what she shared and some of the angry responses