BoyareBeat Iki Gonga Has Its own unique genre. Magizani is a slang meaning darkness. This song it’s sweeter to listen to, calm,  classy and much more, it’s the definition of what one can expect at night. The message in it’s, is a warning to those who walk around at night.Having an experience, brought more attention through his song “Magizani” by alerting nor telling you guys it’s risky to loiter at night.

The content of this song is original, the flow and the beats are so sweet. Easy to sing alone, axing every verse from verse one-three explains how it is not safe because a lot of things mostly  happen in the dark. It’s not that only bad things happen at night but take caution when you are out there.

MAGIZANI the word its self-define a lot of positive and negative activities  going on at night. Boyare Boy Wa Mtaani has a good song and when the song is good just get up and dance to it when you don’t even know the lyrics to it. Magizani produced by Dickson of mega Records.

boyareYou can chat with Boyare on Facebook fan page: Boyare, follow him @tweeter: Injamuboyare or email:[email protected] Expect more song and Magizani in his coming album known as Jipigie Makofi which will have ten songs.