Just like our president, Maina Kageni has this one shirt that he wears a lot and Kenyans want him to stop. Uhuru Kenyatta was recently thrown under the bus for “over wearing” his favorite shirt.

Next culprit on the list seems to be radio host Maina Kagani.

How many times have you seen Maina with this shirt?

The radio presenter posted a photo on Instagram in a shirt and Kenyans were quick to note that the presenter has worn the shirt one too many times.

They wanted him to stop wearing it while others were willing to buy the seven-figure salary presenter a new one.

So how many times has Maina been in that shirt?

We can’t really say, but A LOT might a good word to estimate the number. We counted eight different occasions where the Classic 105 presenter was in the shirt and these are from photos on Instagram only.

“Maina, you are always wearing that same shirt on your photos kwani it’s a tread?” one follower asked.

“Lakini Maina, unapenda hii shirt saaana by the way,” another added.

Or perhaps he just has many pairs.

Watch Maina Kageni on the video below: