It has come to an end After weeks of accusing each other to a point of not talking at all and no sharing pics and videos on social media. The man who was accused of causing problems between Zari and her Husband, after Ivans burial has come out to apologize for all that happened.

The singer who is based in South Africa, is Ivan Semwangas cousin who was just comforting Zari after the loss of her ex husband, his cousin. His wife took the pictures just for Diamond to explode and accuse his wife of cheating on him confessing it’s better if he had just slept with her and dumped her.

The man whos picture has been doing rounds in the interwebs for all the wrong reasons has apologized to Diamond Saying in their culture they don’t inherit their late wive and that it’s a taboo. He came out to say that he respects Diamond and Zaris relationship and can never interfere.