The man who was captured in a swimming pool with Zari Hassan has come out to clear the air on their alleged romance.

The man by the name Edwin Lutaaya has claimed that he was only Msaniicomforting her after the death of her husband.

On Monday 12 the interwebs were abuzz with pics of Zari and the unknown male whom were posted online by her husband. Diamond had circled and captioned that it’s better to cheat rather than settle down and unfaithful woman.

Diamond in a way was implying that Zari is a cheap and loose women without morals after he posted the pic with the man who is said to be the late Ssemwangas cousin.

Diamonds accusation to Zari were not received well by Zari and some of his fans, Zari responded immediately in denial. The accusations confirmed what people had been suspecting all through after he stopped posting his family pictures on his social media and went mum of their relationship with his wife.