A man who had been warned against sleeping with a neighbour’s wife has confessed to developing sagging breasts after ignoring the warning.

James Mutua, 39, had been told by the woman’s husband that he would be taught a haunting lesson if he crossed the red line.

He has since been watching breasts resembling those of the woman he slept with grow on his chest for the last six months. The hubby who issued the warning lived in the same village as Mutua.

Unlike normal breasts that have black nipples, Mutua’s are reddish and sagging like those of a lactating woman.

“I have been living like this from 2015, and it all started after I slept with my neighbour’s wife back in the village where I was working,” explains Mutua, a former farm manager of a prominent person in Makueni County, Eastern Kenya.

“I felt a sensation around the chest and before long the breasts started developing and became big,  forcing me to wear a bra and baggy jackets,” he said.

Mutua, one-time chef at a hotel in Westlands told The Nairobian that his services were terminated along with five others in early 2015 and shortly, he was selling fruits and vegetables within Westlands to sustain his family.

But that didn’t do go for long as a “prominent figure back home contacted me to work as farm manager. I had no option but to leave my family in the city,” says Mutua who says the chance gave him a financial lifeline that saw him open a shop that did not disappoint.

That was when the serpent that tempted Eve came to the garden — the farm where he was the manager.

The woman in question, a neighbour’s wife, began becoming friendly whenever she found him doing rounds on the farm and his shop.

“One night in mid-2015, I returned home around 10pm but while approaching I saw someone standing near the door and upon moving closer I realised it was her (neighbour’s wife),” recalls Mutua, adding, “When I asked her what she was doing at night, she teased, asking if I’m afraid of women. We argued for a while before I allowed her in and she said she just wanted company.”

‘Chemical warfare’ never fails. Mutua had alcohol in the house and “when I started drinking, she requested to join me and I accepted. We drunk until past midnight when I told her to leave but she was hesitant saying that it was late.”

Mutua still recalls with blinding clarity the happenings that followed.

“We were seated far apart while drinking but she moved closer and started touching me. Before long she told me that the husband was far away in Nairobi and she wanted to have sex with me”.

Mutua did not fail his visitor on his matrimonial bed that night. And other chances that followed in his three bedroom house.  But honey can turn into a bee.

“She became aggressive and sometimes she could come and pick me in my mother’s house for sex,” says Mutua whose side mattress events were shortly discovered by his wife.

“In late 2015, I sent my wife Sh15,000 and directed her to deposit Sh10,000 in the bank and use the rest. Instead, she decided to travel to the village with kids to check on me,” he recalls.

That was when she was told about Mutua’s hanky-panky. She got mad but calmed down after he apologised profusely.

Mutua claims that word having gone round about his promiscuity, he quit his job and returned to Nairobi but “days after arriving the woman’s husband called me and said he heard what happened but laughed off and swore to teach me a lesson for sleeping with his wife”.

Mutua’s sister who requested to be only identified as Liz told The Nairobian “it is true that someone bewitched him and he has confessed. We just want to see him back to his life again by all means”.