Rapper and actress Noti Flow is one of the most controversial female celebrities in the country. It seems like she lives the controversial life like there’s no tomorrow.

When she came to the limelight everyone thought she was a darling even talking about how Abbas stole her song and didn’t pay her. It was easy to be sympathetic considering how hard it is to make it in the music industry.

The minute she knew how everything goes down that’s when the true Noti Flow showed up. She has been linked to a lot of scandals and was even labeled a lesbian at some point in time. But she made it clear that she was bisexual, which also came as a surprise.

She’s also known to always have issues with her fellow cast members of the reality show Nairobi Diaries. She even fought with Pendo once then headed to report her to the police station. Kids.


Noti Flow never shows off who she’s dating but I guess this time she decided to shock us. She posted a photo of herself with her grandpa bae. This is clearly not a shock considering young girls are these days into older men they call “sponsors”.

She captioned the photo, “#baked up ma #wigger till he turned pink 🐩🍁.” Clearly, Noti Flow lives in her own world.