Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s first daughter, Rosemary Odinga recently announced joining elective politics and her interest in the Kibra constituency seat. Immediately, she became a subject of interest and her personal side, particularly love life came under the strong lenses of the public eye.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s first daughter Rosemary Odinga is a woman forming agenda of discussions online after announcing her entrance into elective politics.

Raila’s daughter Rosemary Odinga

The discussion has shifted from why she wants to kick out Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth who is credited for good performance owing to several developmental projects, to her love life which is quite a mystery.

Rosemary was married to one Amos Ndanyi Akasa with whom she had a daughter before they separated around four years ago.

Micheal Okwiri

In February, 2014 she gave birth to another daughter, whose dad has never been known. What has, however, raised eyebrows is another relationship Rosemary allegedly had with one rich fellow, Michael Okwiri.

In a post by Robert Alai, the blogger tears apart Raila’s second-born child questioning her background and achievements.

Okwiri and his former fiancee Debra Sanaipei

“What are some of the most compelling arguments or real life achievements she has earned? That is, apart from rearing snails, being a former squeeze of my friend Michael Okwiri and daughter of Raila Odinga,” Alai posed.

This takes our focus to Okwiri, a man who once led Corporate Communications & CSR department at Airtel. The communication’s expert is a former fiance to ex-model Debra Sanaipei, a woman he proposed to but did not realise a wedding as things between them went south.

Rosemary Odinga and Micheal Okwiri (right)

Is there proof that Rosemary and Owiri dated?

Apart from Alai’s claim that Rosemary Odinga was Okwiri’s ‘squeeze’ an old report by Cate Mukei of SDE suggested that the former premier’s daughter was dating a communications manager who was also linked to a former model.

No one is concluding anything even with this evidence, but Rosemary’s life is bound to become fodder for the media now that she has joined politics.